Padres News: Justin Upton Not Ready to be Traded


When a team is falling out of contention in July everyone turns to the players on expiring deals to be moved before the deadline passes. The San Diego Padres have one big expiring contract in Justin Upton, but if he has his way he’ll be in San Diego come August 1st. Speaking to reporters during All Star weekend Upton had this to say about being traded.

"“At this point, I haven’t given up on the team I really like the guys, and I like the clubhouse. We still have some time to change the minds of the front office. In a perfect world, we play well over the next two or three weeks and A.J. pumps the brakes on dismantling the team.”"

Upton sounds like he wants to cut out all the noise about the trade deadline and he just wants to focus on getting back on the diamond and turning around the Padres season. While that’s where his mind should, looking from the outside in the postseason isn’t a realistic goal anymore. It’s still possible, but even if the Padres pick it up these next two weeks like Upton thinks they can the focus of the front office should be on 2016 and beyond.

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If the focus is on the future, as it should be, the Padres will be trying to sell off their tradeable assets, and their number asset is Justin Upton. It’s easy to sit here and say that if you think that the Padres should get whatever they can for Upton. He’s an elite bat, that many contenders would be willing to pay top dollar for, but with his recent comments the Padres have to consider keeping him around even if they fall completely out of contention.

Upton has been one of the lone bright spots on the team this year and was the lone Padre at the All Star Game this year. If A.J. Preller wants to contend in 2016, and with the money he invested into James Shields, Matt Kemp, Craig Kimbrel and Melvin Upton Jr. it’s almost certain the Padres will attempt to be contenders. Trading away Upton could kill all of his good will towards the team and lead him elsewhere. If the Padres believe they can keep Upton beyond this year they should hold on to him and give him a competitive offer this offseason. Without keeping Upton around it’s hard to see the Padres contending in the near future.

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