Padres News: 2016 All-Star Logo Will Be Revealed On Friday


The official Twitter account of the San Diego Padres announced on Friday that the logo for the 2016 All-Star Game will be unveiled this Friday at 10am PST.

I looking forward to seeing what the Padres organization has cooked up. Will it be military themed? Beach themed? Camo themed? Perhaps most importantly, what color will it be?

There has been a lot of speculation among Padres fans that the Friars will be wearing new uniforms next season, furthering hopes among the “vocal minority” of Padres fans that we might see a return to brown as the Padres primary color; I for one am one of them.

The unveiling of the new All-Star Game patch would be an amazing way to announce the Padres’ return to brown in a very clever and unexpected way that would surely set the Twitter-world on fire.

If the new logo is just a simple Blue & White design, then we can pretty much be assured that our Pads will be wearing the same sets next year. Either way, with all the trade rumors and speculation going around right now, the All-Star Game logo will be the first big tell of what we can expect to see from the Padres next season.

Stay tuned to for updates as they happen, Go Pads!

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