Padres Rumor: Trade Targets for Andrew Cashner


As the San Diego Padres face the trade deadline, all eyes are on AJ Preller and how he will manipulate the roster.  Dennis Lin of the San Diego Union Tribune recently wrote that Preller will be looking to both buy and sell before the July trade deadline.  With the All-Star game in San Diego next season, the Padres’ front office is looking to stay competitive in 2016 season.

Andrew Cashner is an interesting trade candidate for the Padres.  The team’s former number one ace has struggled greatly in 2015, but bad luck and feeble run support seem have certainly contributed to his 3-10 start as well.

Cashner’s contract has him under team control through 2016, and despite his record this season, is still a respected pitcher around the league.  The Baltimore Orioles, Washington Nationals, and Chicago Cubs are all rumored to be interested in the fireballer.

It would really sting to send Cashner back to the Cubs.  Just a few years ago the Padres traded All Star first baseman Anthony Rizzo for Cashner, but it would be the best move for the Padres. The Cubs have a plethora of minor league depth thanks to their years of ineptitude.  This makes them a prime candidate for a Cashner trade.

If the Padres were to work with the Cubs, I would like to see a deal that includes shortstop Javier Baez.  Baez is on the cusp of being major league ready, but currently Cubs shortstop, Starlin Castro, has underperformed this year and is wickedly expensive.

In addition, the Cubs have several hot hitting prospects including: Dan Vogelbach, Kyle Schwarber, and Billy McKinney.  All of these players may be limited defensively but seem to posses solid left handed bats.

If Vogelbach were to develop to his potential, he would undoubtedly be the most satisfying pick up.  How sweet would it be to get a slugging first baseman for Cashner after trading away Rizzo?

Emotions aside, Schwarber looks to be the most major league ready at this point, and could fill in nicely for Justin Upton in left field, assuming he is traded away (most likely).  Schwarber has torn his way through the minors, and can play both catcher and in the outfield.  His defensive catching abilities have been questioned, but could provide a good left handed option to backup Derek Norris.

I’m sure we are just scratching the surface of what AJ Preller has planned this trade deadline.  The rookie GM has gotten some flak from the media for the product he assembled this season, but still has the confidence of the front office.  Let’s hope he makes some moves to assemble a more successful ball club.

What do you guys think, would you trade Cashner? Who would you send him to and for whom?

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