Padres News: Justin Upton, 2015 All-Star


Monday, San Diego Padres outfielder, Justin Upton, was elected to the 2015 All-Star Game as a reserve for National League team; this will be his third appearance (2009, 2011).

We could get into how it is a crime that standout catcher, Derek Norris, was not recognized for his contributions this season with a nomination of his own, but that’s an argument for another day. Upton leads the Padres in just about every offensive statistic and is entirely deserving of this honor.

It’s a shame though, as Upton describes to Dennis Lin of the Union Tribune, that the nomination is somewhat “bittersweet”.

"“It marks the midway point. Obviously, they thought I was playing well enough to make the All-Star team,” Upton said. “With that, it’s kind of bittersweet. I wish we were playing a little bit better. But I’m going to go to Cincinnati, take it all in and enjoy my time there.”"

The Padres are now 39-46 on the season with just one week left until the All-Star break. Obviously, Upton knows that while he has performed well enough to earn an All-Star bid, it’s more important how the team is doing. This is not the season Upton hoped he would be having when he was traded to the Padres and depending on how the rest of the season goes, could greatly influence his decision on whether to re-sign as a free agent with the Padres at the end of the season.

The lackluster season also puts Padres management in a tough spot. If they see the season as a loss and don’t think they’ll be able to re-sign Upton, then trading their only All-Star may be their best option for the future of the franchise.

One source has speculated the the Tamp Bay Rays could be a fit as trade partners for Upton. Which is fitting considering the Padres and Rays were trade partners this offseason, in a move that sent Wil Myers to San Diego. Also, it’s worth noting that Justin’s brother, Melvin, made a name for himself playing for the Rays, before signing a lucrative contract with the Atlanta Braves; which the Padres ended up having to pick up when they acquired Craig Kimbrel.

Stay tuned to Friars On Base for news on Justin Upton and all the trade rumors we expect to flood the internet as we reach the half way park of the 2015 season.

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