Top 5 Villains in San Diego Padres History

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4. Barry Bonds

Another Padre-killer makes the list. He never played for the Padres but he sure made life miserable in San Diego every time he came to town. Also, all the PED accusations swirling around his career make him all the more a villain. Bonds is the all-time leader in home runs (*) with 762.

87 of those home runs came against the Padres. That is by far the most home runs he has hit against any team by more than 20. It also seemed like every one of his milestone home runs came against Padres pitching. He hit career home runs number 100, 563 (to tie Reggie Jackson), 587 (to pass Frank Robinson for 9th all-time), 612 (to tie Jim Thome for 7th), 700, and the big number 755 to tie Hank Aaron to lead all of baseball history. He loved making history against the Padres.

His career will forever be tainted but there is no question, he loved hitting Padres pitching.

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