Padres Editorial: How Marathon Training Helps the Padres in 2015

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Jun 21, 2015; Phoenix, AZ, USA; San Diego Padres interim manager Pat Murphy (24) and members of the team look on during the National Anthem prior to the game against the Arizona Diamondbacks at Chase Field. Mandatory Credit: Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Seeing the Long View

This is where we go back to seeing that long view again. If we are talking about a football season and breaking a baseball season into 16 games, then the Padres have played about 7 NFL games. At this point they would be closer to 3-4 than 4-3. Neither one terrible – but neither one good in consideration that they have their highest payroll ever. In marathon terms they would just starting their 11th mile, so nowhere near the end of the race. When I ran the race, I actually hit the 13 mile mark in what would’ve been my fastest half marathon time and felt great. Yet there is a second half that the first half prepares you for.

Back to the Padres, I was all in favor of relieving Bud Black and finding someone else to manage the team. I think the team has needed a fresh voice for awhile and while agree that Bud Black is in fact a great baseball man and manager in general – I think if you are going to change ownership/GM/80% of the starting lineup just go all the way and bring in a new voice too.

Bud Black and Pat Murphy have different personalities and Murphy was a successful college baseball manager before bringing that to minor league baseball and now the Padres. While there is a long history of college football coaches who transition to the NFL, the history is not as robust when looking at college baseball coaches moving to MLB. Certainly the intensity level is different, and much more in college you are trying to teach young men not only how to better play baseball but how to be adults. While the baseball part can still apply at the major league level, the hope is that the adult part is already learned. Luckily the Padres have not had any off-the-field incidents in some time Everth Cabrera notwithstanding.

So in the long view – there is still plenty of time for the Padres to turn this season around. Matt Kemp is known as a second half player, and Tyson Ross has shown in recent starts he is ready to dial it up a notch and have a better season from here on out. He finally had a start where he allowed less than two earned runs Friday night in Arizona. Questions continue to pile up around Andrew Cashner and James Shields finally lost a start, but he should be fine for the long haul as his history proves.

Because like in marathon training, it is not always how you start a race, but how you have built yourself up for the finish.

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