Padres Editorial: If Derek Norris Still Believes, Then I Still Believe


It’s been a pretty rough week for the San Diego Padres. After losing a very close series with our rival Los Angeles Dodgers, followed immediately by the firing of long time skipper Buddy Black, and now on the verge of four game sweep by the American League worst Oakland A’s.  I have to wonder, have the players given up? Has the clubhouse lost that excitement we saw at the James Shields signing press conference? Well I know for sure one Padres hasn’t…

After Spring Training and the Padres’ hot start in April, all of our expectations shot way up after seeing the potential this team had. I think we have to take a step back and remember, we knew this wasn’t a perfect team.

We knew guys like Will Middlebrooks and Wil Myers had big question marks about if they could recapture their early career success. We knew Matt Kemp was a streaky hitter, who, like the Padres, plays his best baseball in the second half of the season. We knew we didn’t have a solid shortstop and secondbaseman. Now that those concerns are coming true, we can’t just pretend like we didn’t think this could happen.

I have to remind myself, when all the offseason moves Preller made happened, I knew that it could all fail but I was excited to see that atleast the Padres were trying to give us a team that could compete every day.

We all know the potential for this team to win big every night is there. It wasn’t there the last couple seasons and maybe that’s what makes losing so tough, because we want to believe we are going to win…I still believe we can. The season is not lost. There are still almost 100 games left to be played. Thank you for reminding me, Mr. Norris. This is why you should be you’re our All-Star. #PadresBelieve

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