Padres News: Pads Send Gyorko Down To El Paso


In a surprise move, the San Diego Padres have announced (via their official blog) that they optioned second baseman Jedd Gyorko to Triple-A El Paso and recalled RHP Nick Vincent.

The struggling Gyorko is only hitting .210/.282/.311 this year, with two homeruns. Meanwhile fellow rookie second baseman, Cory Spangenberg, is hitting .242/.301/.356, with two homeruns as well. With Gyorko off to another disappointing season and other options in the club performing better, now is probably the best time for a change of scenery for Gyorko and his six-year, $35 million contract (thanks a lot Josh Byrnes).

Having been following Gyorko’s career since he was drafted in the second round by the Padres in the 2010 draft, it’s a sorry sight to see Gyorko come to this. Jedd was an absolute beast in the minors and after slashing .249/.301/.444 with 23 homers his rookie year, he looked like the future power bat the Padres had been missing.

You might be able to blame injuries he sustained last season to the drop in his stats, but now that he’s healthy there’s no way to hide behind them any more.

What do you guys think, is this the right move for the Padres? Do you hope Gyorko and find his bat again or do you think it’s time to cut our loses?

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