Padres News: Padres Not Worried About No First Round Pick


The MLB 2015 First-Year Player Draft is approaching (June 8) and because of the San Diego Padres busy off-season, the Padres won’t be making a selection until the 51st pick, in the second round.

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Our friend Corey Brock breaks down what it was like for the Padres’ scouting director, Mark Conner, to watch the Padres give up their first round picks to acquire James Shields and Craig Kimbrel. I’m sure Conner was excited to make his stamp on the Padres with this years draft, but if the choice is between two “maybe-someday they’ll be good, we’ll see” players and two prove All-Stars, it’s an easy decision. Plus, those moves show a new mindset of the Padres with those two very non-Padres moves – given their history of trying to build with players from draft and not paying for coveted veterans.

I’m a big fan of drafts. I love reading and making my own professional and fantasy mock drafts. Truthfully, I’m more knowledgeable about the NFL draft than I am about others like the upcoming MLB and NBA drafts – so awesome the Los Angeles Lakers got the #2 pick – when it comes to those, I tend to rely on the “professionals” since there’s almost no way to see all those college games and get an impression like you can every Saturday with football; and maybe the exception of March Madness.

One prospect that has caught my interest is Kevin Newman from the Univ. of Arizona. You may have seen Newman on SportsCenter a few months ago with his game winning steal over Rice. It’s not likely Newman (who grew up in Poway) would be available at the 51st spot for the Padres to select, but if the talented infielder some how fell to us, he could be a future answer to the Padres’ infield needs.

What are your guys thoughts about this years draft and the Padres lack of picks? Stay tuned to all FriarsOnBase for updates, rumors, and mocks for this years Padres draft.

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