Seattle: Classy Fans, Classy Ballpark

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Game Atmosphere

As I just moved 50 miles from Seattle, I had the privilege of attending both San Diego Padres games at Safeco Field this week.

I donned my navy blue and orange Tony Gwynn jersey – if we have to bring back any uniform, my vote is the 90’s navy and orange unis – with our modern era on-field cap on.

The second I stepped into the ballpark, people were talking to me. They were very nice, complementing the man whose name I had on my back – I mean, come on, if you don’t like Tony Gwynn or think badly of him, you should see if you have a reflection in the mirror, because you might not have a soul. A lot of fans came up to me and told me, although they oppose the team I represent, they couldn’t hate on the player I chose to represent.

I was also surprised to see about 50-60 Padres fans walking around. We found each other and pumped fists and passed with a “Go Padres!”. I even met a guy from Oceanside who passed by me numerous times.

Safeco Field is one of the most beautiful ballparks around. It is just a notch below Petco Park, AT&T in San Francisco, and PNC Park in Pittsburgh in my opinion. The roof was closed as a cold front was present during the week, bringing on and off rain.

Despite the San Diego Padres receiving a beat-down on Tuesday night, I didn’t hear any trash talking or have it rubbed in my face. Everyone was just having fun watching home runs fly out of the ballpark like it was the Home Run Derby. I just shrugged my shoulders, acknowledging it was not the Padres’ night.

I also didn’t hear any bitterness as the Padres silenced the Seattle Mariners Wednesday night. It was mostly good fun and lots of sportsmanship.

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