Padres Editorial: Which Ballpark Has The Best Food And Drinks?


Recently, Thrillist ran an article ranking all MLB Ballparks by food and beverage. Petco Park, home of our San Diego Padres, came in fourth. Ahead of Petco Park, Citi Field (Mets), AT&T Park (Giants), and Safeco Field (Mariners).

Here’s what Thrillist had to say about Petco Park:

"4. Petco ParkSan Diego PadresYou could confine the discussion solely to the beer and you’re already talking about a serious contender, with in-park beer gardens from Stone and Ballast Point, not to mention the presence of other area standouts like Green Flash, AleSmith, Karl Strauss… this could go on a while. Point being, you will drink REALLY good beer here. But the food holds up its end too. The fish tacos are seriously legit, and you have local seafood king Anthony’s Fish Grotto turning out fish ‘n chips, fried shrimp, and other oceanic goodness. Seaside Market may SOUND like it’s bringing you seafood, but the move here is actually the celebrated tri-tip sandwich. Local burger favorite Hodad’s is on hand, as is local BBQ standout Phil’s (good stuff, and not just by Cali standards), and pizza’s ably handled by local chain Filippi’s. Want something sweet? How about a customizable ice cream sandwich on fresh-baked cookies from Baked Bear? How does everyone in San Diego seem to stay so steadfastly skinny again?"

First off, they’re absolutely right about Baked Bear. It’s crazy delicious.

Second, and I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but Petco Park is an awesome ball park.

All ball parks have their charm, I’m sure, but there’s just such an enjoyable feeling inside when I’m at Petco Park.

One of the things that sets it apart from other local venues is the collection of local food and beverage selections.

One thing ownership has absolutely nailed throughout the years is getting the booming San Diego micro-beer industry to have such a strong presence at Padres games – you can thank Ron Fowler for that. From Kona Brewing to Stone, Mike Hess to Ballast Point, local suds are all over the place.

Not to be outdone, the food at Petco also has local favorites like Pizza Port, Phil’s BBQ, and Hodad’s, among so many others.

Personally, when I go to a Padres game I like a Friar Frank and an IPA. I’m ashamed I have not had Phil’s at Petco yet, but since I live next to Point Loma, I can get that anytime.

Fun Fact, after 8:00 AM, all of Point Loma smells Phil’s BBQ.

My pre-game tradition before Padres games has been getting off the Trolley and walking right to the Tin Fish for a giant Ballast Point Sculpin and some fish tacos. However, I have become a HUGE fan of the build your own burger at the Bootlegger. Bacon, Grilled Onions, Avacado, Chipottle Aoli, and a Fried Egg, paired with a Stone Levitation…I might not make it to the game, it’s so good – my wife loves the build your own nachos option there too.

What about you guys? What are your favorite food and beverage choices at Petco Park? How about in the Gaslamp? How would you rate some of the food at other ballparks?

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