Padres News: Game Recap – April 8th


What did I say yesterday? Do not pitch to Adrian Gonzalez. After a home run both Monday and Tuesday, the former San Diego Padres hit THREE homers tonight. In the three game series with the Padres, Gonzo is now 10 for 13. That, is, embarrassing.

This certainly was not the start that Andrew Cashner was looking for tonight. The Padres ace threw five innings before being pulled by Buddy Black. Cashner finished with eight hits and six runs.

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Gotta be honest, not a fan of the starting pitching so far. I know it’s just the first three games and the Dodger bats are very dangerous (as evident) but I’m not that stoked about how many runs we’ve been giving up. Have the newly acquired Padre bats taken the pressure off the starting rotation or something?

Better figure it out and figure it out soon guys, or Preller will trade two of you for Cole Hamels and soda.

On the brighter side, the San Diego Padres got their first home run of the season. New left-fielder, Justin Upton (1-4), crushed one in the first inning off Brandon McCarthy. I’m loving combination of Derek Norris (1-4), Matt Kemp (2-5), and Upton so far.

The birthday boy, Yonder Alonso, also had a great day, going 3 for 5. Bringing his average up to .500.

In the end the Padres offense couldn’t produce another late rally and the Dodgers walk away with this one 4-6.

Well, time to move on. We’ll other shots at the Dodgers this season, but for now, time to look forward because things are going to get any easier. The San Diego Padres will open their first series at home in Petco against the World Series Champion San Francisco Giants tomorrow.

What are you taking away from these first three games? Anyone going to Opening Day at Petco tomorrow?

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