Padres Editorial: Crowded Roster Creates Healthy Competition


The San Diego Padres historic off season has created some difficult decisions for manager, Bud Black.

Already, we have seen former starters like Tommy Medica and Robby Erlin demoted to AAA to make room for the final 25-man roster, and there are still decisions to be made.  These are tough, but “good” decisions that need to be made, which will eventually improve our ball club.

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The additions of Justin Upton, Wil Myers, and Matt Kemp have displaced the entire 2014 outfield.  Having six major league outfielders keeps the holdovers like Cameron Maybin and Will Venable hungry and enthused.  Kirk Kenney of the Union Tribune reported on the changes this week:

"“What we have here is great, so I want to be part of what we have here.”-Cameron Maybin"

Hearing that enthusiasm from a former starter shows that the new additions are nurturing a winning attitude in San Diego.

A.J. Preller’s moves came at a price.  While Preller was able to hang onto his top three prospects, plenty of the top names that fans have been hearing about for years were dealt to acquire the new players.  This, however, should not be a concern for Padres fans.

Success trickles down for a ball club.  Take a look at successful self-sustaining teams like the Atlanta Braves or the St. Louis Cardinals.  Both these teams are known for having superb farm systems, partially because their major league clubs are consistently successful.

Preller has taken step one and has aimed to make the major league club more successful.  This, in turn, will motivate the minor league players to be called up as impact players, not just as players who are “given a shot.”

Furthermore, creating competition doesn’t only benefit the incumbents, but can also motivate the newcomers.  Clearly the additions of Upton, Myers, and Kemp were made to cure an abysmal offense at the expense of outfield defense.  Myers in particular has received criticism for his lack of experience and range in center field.  This seems to fire Myers up.

The Kenney asked Myers about the critics, who confidently responded that he’s “here to prove them wrong.”

With defensive studs Maybin and Venable chomping at the bit behind Myers, I fully expect Myers to step up his defense and become a more complete ball player.

What do you think?  Will the additions improve the health of the club?  Or are the Padres too overcrowded in the outfield?

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