Editorial: Will Ferrell A Good Luck Charm For The Padres?


With St. Patrick’s Day here this week people have gold coins, festive beers, and good luck charms on their minds.

There aren’t too many celebrities associated with the Padres, so last week it was a treat to see a world-renowned celebrity recognize, not only that the San Diego Padres actually exist, but that they can be “cool.”

Watching Will Ferrell dressed in his Padres gear and standing in right field was special. So special in fact, that I began to wonder, could the man beloved by most San Diegans for playing Ron Burgundy in “Anchorman”, be a good luck charm for the Padres this season?

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The last time the Padres had a celebrity participate in Spring Training was country singer, Garth Brooks. He first appeared in the Padres camp in 1998, the year of their National League Championship run and second World Series appearance.

Brooks was a switch hitter and once pinch-ran for former Padres infielder Wally Joyner during a Spring Training game. He previously threw the javelin at Oklahoma State after playing high school baseball, before trying out for the Padres.

The point being, after he excited players and fans with his presence and energy in the spring camp, the Padres had the best season in franchise history.

The Padres have not won a playoff series since that year. Perhaps because no other celebrity had played for the Padres since Brooks.

So, could Will Ferrell have potentially brought that same good luck to the 2015 Padres?

There certainly was a buzz with the Padres before the comedic actor even set foot in Peoria. Even though he will have zero affect on how many home runs Matt Kemp hits or innings James Shields pitches, his appearance last week has added to the excitement for this upcoming season.

The Padres are cool now. They are worth watching and Ferrell’s recent presence just added to the anticipation. Hopefully he has left some of that same good luck on the Padres clubhouse that Brooks did in 1998.

When Ferrell came into the clubhouse, Wil Myers was giddy. The same thing happened when Brooks visited the clubhouse and Andy Ashby was as excited as a young school girl.

Hopefully that excitement brings that good luck charm back to San Diego for another memorable run.

What do you guys think? Could Ferrell be the good luck piece we’ve been missing?

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