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Is there a spot on the roster for Carlos Quentin? Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Carlos Quentin

The most desperate player in this first base battle is of course, Carlos Quentin. Since coming to San Diego he has been an absolute bust, and while much has been written about his willingness to try out a new position at first, it just seems like he is there to get traded. His contract is dead weight. I suppose it would be logical if Alonso doesn’t show he can hit left-handed pitching and no one seizes the job, then Quentin could stick around as the extra first baseman.

He is hitting two for seven in his first three games this spring, with of course include a hit by pitch. Does A.J. Preller have another trick in his bag to get something back in exchange for Q? Will anyone take some of his salary or will the Padres be forced to eat it entirely? If ownership is okay with spending money, would they consider just cutting bait with the remainder of his contract like the Braves did with Dan Uggla last year? Or will Quentin have one of those “spring strains” that sidelines him to the DL until the Padres can figure out their next move?

Do you have a vote for who the starter should be? Comment below and we will see how this plays out!

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