Padres News: Spring Training Recap – March 12th


Will Ferrell! News broke a few days ago that Mr. Ron Burgundy would be playing in today’s match up of the San Diego Padres and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Here was today’s starting line up for the Pads:

No, Will Ferrell did not start in today’s game. He didn’t actually arrive at the Peoria complex until the seventh inning, still wearing his San Francisco Giants jersey from his earlier game; even receiving some boos from fans of both teams.

The “Step Brothers” star took the field first dressed in Dodger Blue and as a pitcher no less. Warming up, Ferrel actually got the ball over the plate and looked better than most celebrities do throwing a ceremonial first pitch.

Ron Burgundy only got to face one Padres’ batter, Rico Noel, who smiled the whole time in the batters box, then bunted on Ferrell’s first pitch, making it an easy throw out at first. Immediately, Dodgers manager, Don Mattingly, called time and approached the mound to pull the SNL veteran.

Ferrell begged for one more pitcher, telling the Dodgers skipper he was a “ground-ball” pitcher. The crowd cheered for more time on the field for him, but Mattingly took the ball and called in a reliever.

The “Anchorman” star walked back to the Dodgers dugout to the cheer of the crowd. He got some one on one time with Tommy Lasorda and complained how Mattingly had already cut him. He then joked with the Dodger players on the bench, then threw a fake tantrum before heading over to the Padres locker room to dress for the Pads.

Ferrell came in for the Padres in the ninth inning, playing right field. He threw the ball around with the outfielders and got ready for his last chance to make a Major League team. After a fly out to Myers, a ball was struck in his direction by Joc Pederson. It was a crushing home run that flew over his head and way way way out of his reach; he did jump against the wall to show his best effort. After that, Will Ferrell’s crazy day was over.

It should be noted that Will Ferrell wore number 19 all day in honor of Bert Campaneris, the first man to play all nine positions in one game, until he dressed for the Padres, switching to number 20. No one, not even Will Ferrell, will every wear number 19 for the Padres except Mr. Gwynn.

Stay tuned for updates on the the HBO documentary of Will Ferrell’s crazy day. The small bits that we got to hear during the telecast were hilarious and I look forward to seeing the final cut.

Even with all of the excitement around Will Ferrell today, there was still a Spring Training game to play between National League West rivals.

James Shields started on the mound for the Padres today and looked great again. I know it’s just Spring Training, but he looks like he’s in mid-season form already.

Top pitching prospect Matt Wisler followed Shields with a strong performance of his own, giving up no runs.

Jedd Gyorko (0-2) committed a fielding error in the fourth but made up for it by turning a double-play on the next at bat.

The Dodgers homered in the ninth and that was the extent of offense in the game.

So, what did you guys think about the game and the whole Will Ferrell spectacle?

On a side note, it was a treat hearing Mark Grant and Matt Vasgersian call a game together again. Takes me back to those mid-2000’s Padres games back on Channel 4.

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