Padres News: Despaigne and Alonso Have Long Meaningful Connection


Both Yonder Alonso and Odrisamer Despaigne of the San Diego Padres are of Cuban decent, both are major league ball players, but their relationship goes way beyond that. Both of their fathers were not only teammates but Despaignes father pitched to Yonder Alonso‘s dad. That’s right he was the elder Despaignes catcher. What a unique story this really is.

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Bill Center of the Padres brings us the story, in which Alonso admitted he and Despaigne weren’t aware of the history until both their respected fathers informed them. Alonso tells us:

"“It had to be almost the same time that we learned about the connection. I remember looking across the clubhouse at Oddie and seeing the grin. How strange is that? My dad asked me how Despaigne pitches. I said he has a great curve and command and pitches from a lot of angels….later after my dad had watched him Oddie on television, he said there was a similar look and similar approach by the Despaignes.”"

The odds that both players and their fathers play along side one another at such a high level of professional baseball is astronomical. It is a story that will probably get more press. The National Media will surely pick up this story and run with it. They should, as this is a story about fathers and sons and their love for the game.

Yonder Alonso and Odrisamer Despaigne were born four days apart in April 1987 in the city of Havana. Their fathers, Luis Alfonso and Francisco Despaigne both played for the Industriales of Cuba’s premier Serie Nacion. The local team in Havana.

Francisco Despaigne pitched 10 years in the Cuban League for the Industrailes compiling a 46-37 record with 39 saves and a 3.70 ERA. He threw a total of 293 games. The elder Alfonso retired as a player and became a coach with the Industriales. The two men couldn’t have known their sons, almost identical in age would be playing baseball in the US for a Major League team. Who would’ve known that? Truly incredible.

The bond between Yonder Alonso and Odrisamer Despaigne is deep, and their families are surely friends. In baseball you never know what is around the corner. Both men were unaware of their bond until their fathers informed them of the history. It’s a strange world we live in. I really believe life is circular and baseball mirrors life.

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