Padres News: Josh Johnson won’t be ready until June


We have some unfortunate news to report at Friars On Base, San Diego Padres pitcher Josh Johnson, who has missed all of last season to an injury, will be sidelined until at least June. This news will certainly not help the Padres with their pitching staff, especially because they brought Josh Johnson back for another year. For him to be out for half of the year again, as a fan, I’m not to happy about this news.

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It also makes it worse that Josh Johnson hasn’t even made a regular season start since becoming a Padre last off season.

However there is some light to shine on this subject, Josh Johnson is reportedly supposed to be throwing a bullpen session as soon as next week according to Michael Hurcomb of, this news certainly helps matters a little bit. It still doesn’t help the fact that he will be missing the first few months of the season.

For those who don’t know the reason that Josh Johnson has missed the past year it’s because of a shoulder injury, in which he had to undergo Tommy John surgery for last year.

Believe me as a Padre fan we’ve had several pitchers undergo season ending Tommy John Surgery before ,and after that surgery, they are never the same pitcher as they were before. Does Cory Luebke ring a bell?

Luckily he’ll be back this season, hopefully without any more injuries, as for Josh Johnson we here at Friars wish him a speedy recovery. He could be a key to this seasons success.

However, before he comes back let us look into his numbers a little bit and see just what Josh Johnson is really capable of. Let’s look back at the last three years that Josh has pitched.

In 2011 he was 27 years old, but only pitched in 9 games,with a 3-1 record while pitching in 60 and 1/3 rd innings with a 1.64 ERA.  In 2012, his record was 8-14 with a 3.81 ERA, while pitching in 191 and 1/3 rd innings.

In his last full year pitching before getting injured Josh Johnson had a 2- 8 record with a higher ERA than the year before. He finished with a 6.20 ERA in 16 starts and 81 and 1/3rd innings. Will Josh Johnson be able return to form in 2015? We’ll find out together Padres fans!

When more updates on the Josh Johnson situation come to fruition, we will have them here for you at Friars On Base. So make sure to keep checking back with us every day, as we cover all things Padres, all of the time.

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