Padres News: ESPN Ranks Padres Uniforms 29th


ESPN columnist, Paul Lukas, has released his updated MLB uniform ranks for the upcoming 2015 season. After being ranked dead last the previous season, the San Diego Padres moved up one spot, above the Miami Marlins, to the 29th spot, second to last.

Congrats, I guess?

This is no surprise to me. The Padres uniforms are notoriously ranked near the bottom of most lists, but it is nice to see Lukas call out the Marlins as having the ugliest uniforms in baseball, which I completely agree with.

Here’s what Lukas has to say about his Padres ranking:

"Fans have been clamoring for the Padres to bring back the brown for years, and they’re finally responding, if just barely. They’ll be wearing late-1980s throwbacks for five Wednesday-afternoon home games in 2015. It’s not the best brown-inclusive look from their history (that would be this one), and the rest of the team’s wardrobe is still MLB’s most boring set. But it’s a start."

Lukas is a big fan of the bring back the #BringBackTheBrown movement,  of which I am also a strong supporter, and I’m glad he chose that as the focus of his critique, rather than going after the Padres for their Camo-jerseys as I expected he would; camo-jerseys have become all too common in sports uniforms today. For that, I give him credit.

I can also agree with Lukas’ overall assessment that the Padres uniforms are boring. Maybe not the most boring in baseball, but yeah, pretty boring. Nothing particularly exciting and have the vibe that they were a design-by-committee result, or “Camel” if you will.

The Padres uniform set currently has too much left over from the previous one. In this case, ownership tried the less-is-more approach and ended up with something very bland.

Now, where Lukas ranks the Padres compared the rest of the league, I have to disagree. The Arizona Diamondbacks (#25), Colorado Rockies (#22), and Tampa Bay Rays (#16) should definitely be ranked beneath the Padres.

The other teams rank above the Pads, you can probably make an argument for, but these three in particular have some of the most unappealing uniforms in the majors.

I also disagree that the Washington Nationals (#27) are ranked as low as they are. I actually think they have one of the better and overall classic looking sets in baseball, even if they are another red-white-blue team; at least being set in Washington makes sense. Though, don’t get me wrong, I still don’t think they have the best uniforms.

Lukas rounds out his top 5 with the Los Angeles Dodgers (#5), Toronto Blue Jays (#4), Chicago Cubs (#3), Philadelphia Phillies (#2), and St. Louis Cardinals (#1).

It’s a little surprising not to see the Boston Red Sox or New York Yankees in there, since most would probably consider their uniforms two of the most iconic uniforms in all of baseball.

What do you guys think, do the Padres have the 2nd worse uniforms in baseball? Where would you rank them overall? Who is your top choice?

My personal pick for best unis in baseball? The Oakland Athletics.

Friars On Base will be releasing our own uniform rankings soon and we want your input.

Lastly, if you are obsessed with sports uniforms like I am, be sure to check out Lukas’ always informative website.

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