Padres News: Matt Kemp happy and healthy with Padres


Matt Kemp reported to camp early this spring training in an attempt to get to know his new San Diego Padres teammates. He is in a great mood and is adjusting well to his new surroundings. The smile on his face is evident that the man is content.

Kemp spoke to Mike Cranston of Fox Sports and made it clear that he is happy with his new team. His health is also of no major concern. He spoke directly about his hips:

"“I think I everybody has some situation going on as far as being arthritic in their bodies. All you guys have something going on in your bodies. But its finding a way to get around it and being successful. I actually feel really good. My hips feel great and I’m ready to go.”"

He is obviously not concerned about his health, but should Padres fans be? Well yes they should be, however when he is healthy, he can carry a ball club on his back. If he is hurt and playing though pain, then that can be detrimental to the team’s success. Which Matt Kemp will the Padres get?

Only time will truly tell, but Kemp did play 150 games last season and his second half was as much better than his first. He had numbers of .303/.360/.589 with 16 home runs and 51 runs batted in, for his last 62 games. That could be a sign that his injuries are behind him. If he put up those kind of numbers for the Padres, then the team will surely improve on last season 77 wins.

Justin Upton also spoke on this first day off spring training. He reiterated Kemp’s excitement about the potential of this team. He said ” I’ve been on some talented teams. It’s a matter of how much we come together.” Justin Upton is well aware that nothing is a given and this team needs to feed off each other to be successful.

As Matt Kemp claimed the locker next to Justin Upton in the spring training facility, he said with a grin “We’ve got beef already. Chemistry’s bad. ” Kemp is already showing his leadership skills by being made available to the media and being straight forward.

Matt Kemp is happy, healthy and ready to lead this team into the promise land. It will take an effort of great proportions to change the Padres recent playing spirit. Matt Kemp is up for the job and he has plenty of leaders in the clubhouse to help him on the quest.

The fact that recently Cameron Maybin and Carlos Quentin both came out and spoke about playing time, could be a distraction. Both players were very respectable in their concerns over playing time, but ultimately their desires could sour the whole team.

Bud Black must be masterful in handling this crowded outfield situation. The Padres do not need any animosity in the club house. With leaders like Kemp, Shields and Barmes the clubhouse is surely to be kept in order. Matt Kemp is happy being a Padre, and San Diego is more than happy with Matt Kemp.

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