Padres News:Padres Miss Out On Moncada, What’s Next?


After winning the James Shields contest, it felt like the San Diego Padres were gaining some momentum to possibly making one more big splash this off-season before Spring Training officially began.

The Padres had been rumored for a while to have heavy interest in coveted 19-year old international prospect, Yoan Moncada. They were up against stiff competition though, as he was also said to be the target of big franchise clubs like the New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Dodgers. Early reports listed the larger clubs as the likely landing spots, but the Padres remained part of the conversation as a dark horse candidate not to be overlooked, largely in part to their aggressive off-season.

However unlikely it might have once been to think the Padres could outbid an organization like the Yankees, with our new GM and ownerships support, nothing seemed impossible.

Alas, it was not meant to be. Earlier this morning it was reported that Moncada had come to terms and would sign with the Boston Red Sox.

Details are still coming in but it sounds like the winning price was $31.5 million ($63 million with the 100% luxury tax).

At this time we’re not sure what the Padres offered Moncada, but early rumors suggest it was around the $25 million range; similar to the amount the Yankees are rumored to have offered as well.

I’m disappointed the Padres couldn’t land Moncada. I’ve stated in previous articles that I thought he was a really intriguing player that, if scouts are right, could be a once in a life-time talent.

It is surprising, and goes to show how much faith to put in rumors, that the signing amount was only in the thirties. Last week the potential signing amount was speculated to be in the $40-$50 million range.

After missing out on Yasmany Tomas and now Moncada, I’m starting to wonder about A.J. Preller‘s ability to lure international talent; which was one of the biggest reasons Padres ownership went with him in the first place.

However, I’m not overly concerned, far from it really. I think Preller has shown that if one plan doesn’t work out, he has a dozen more lined up in case.

So, after missing out on Moncada, where does that leave the Padres?

Well, the upside to missing out on Moncada is that Preller has more international money that he can spend in the future. If his knowledge of the international market is as deep as it’s rumored to be, then I’ll bet there are already some other young players out there he has his eyes on.

There are some international names out there to keep a watch out for as potential Padres targets. Hector Olivera is the next international player out there teams will try to sign. The Padres have already made their presence known at second baseman’s scheduled workouts and exhibition games, but so have all the other clubs who missed out on Moncada as well.

Vladimir Gutierrez and Yadier Alvares are two other promising Cuban arms, but they won’t be able to sign with an MLB team until July 2nd.

Also, infielders Lazaro AlonsoOsniel Madera, and catcher Yoel Rojas recently left Cuba and should be gaining a lot of interest from major league clubs.

Time will tell what the Padres do moving forward. They’ve already got their team for 2015 pretty much set going into Spring Training anyways. Any international signings would probably need one or two seasons in the minors before making an impact.

I’m predicting that the Padres will sign at least one Cuban player this year, how about you guys? Are you disappointed the Padres missed out on Moncada or do you think he was over-hyped and this is a blessing in disguise? Are there any other international players the Padres should be focusing on? Lets chat in the comment below.

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