Padres Editorial: What Their Offer For Yoan Moncada Means


Did the Padres get Yoan Moncada? No. We all know he will be going to the Boston Red Sox. But you know what? It wasn’t for a lack of trying. In fact, their offer was right in line with that of the New York Yankees for the Cuban prospect.

Look, it’s very possible Moncada could be an eventual all-star player. If he does? Then congrats to the Red Sox. But at the same time, the Padres now can all in on the next international free agent signing period. They aren’t penalized on the next two like the Red Sox and Yankees are.

Here’s what A.J. Preller said according to Brock:

"“The Moncada situation specifically, if you’re going to go over and exceed the MLB [international] pool of money, there’s penalties tied to it,” Preller said. “Giving up your first-round pick is real. On the international side, to be out of the game as far as being able to exceed the $300,000 limit, that comes with real consequences.”And although the Padres like Moncada — a lot — and would have been happy had he accepted their offer, they now won’t have to be handcuffed.“When we value Moncada and looking at the whole situation or any player, if we’re going to exceed the bonus pool, we want to make sure it’s the right guy at the right time,” Preller said. “Not having signed him gives us some flexibility down the road.”"

The Padres can now move forward and look to sign other players. They could still sign Hector Olivera when he gets cleared and not have that impact their international signing pool. They could still sign Andy Ibanez

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The Padres made waves with their off-season. It’s only a matter of time before they do internationally as well.

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