Padres Spring Training: Updates From Two Days In


Throughout the spring, we at Friars On Base are going to be bringing you wall-to-wall coverage of everything San Diego Padres. From position battles in the every day lineup, to bullpen spots, to the final spot in the starting rotation, if it happens, we’ll be on top of it. One of the things we are going to be updating you on, either on a daily or every other day basis, are going to be updates from Friars’ skipper Bud Black, and his thoughts on the club, and how things are progressing for the team, as spring develops and the regular season continues to approach. 

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Black held a closed door meeting with his new team, seven of which are first year Padres and all of whom have postseason experience. That has to make Black feel good on day one of workouts. Black said he feels a difference in the organization, and can sense excitement among his players. Black also added that new hitting coach Mark Kotsay is also excited about the lineup he has to work with, and that he is impressed with how Kotsay has an easy way of communicating with the players, and credits that to having been teammates or an opponent with many of them.

The manager was asked about how he thought the Opening Day lineup might shake out, and he responded by saying: “It all depends on how guys are swinging and depends on who’s pitching against us.” Does that mean the fans are going to see more of the famous Buddy Black shuffling of the lineup on a daily basis? Unlike past seasons, Black has a multitude of options, and can afford to give guys breathers to keep them fresh and healthy, unlike 2014, where he looked up and down his bench and saw another 0-fer staring back at him.

Black also added his two cents on the recently announced pace of play rule changes that are coming to baseball this season: “I think it’s a good thing that we’re exploring ways to speed up the dead time and there’s dead time all the way through games. You don’t want to let the pace of play interfere with conversations with pitcher and catcher.”

Some other news and notes from the first couple of days of camp:

According to Friar Wire, in a competition of injured arms, Josh Johnson appears to be further along in terms of his rehabilitation than Cory Luebke at this point. Johnson was spotted throwing from around 150 feet according to Bud Black’s estimation.

-Black also believes that Casey Kelly, another long shot for the starting rotation, could find a way to help the team sometime in 2015.

Stay with Friars On Base for more news and notes throughout the spring!

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