The Editor’s Desk with Billy Brost: It’s Time To Move On From Cole Hamels


As I look at the calendar, I see we are entering the final nine days of the month. For me, it’s the final nine days of my career here at Fansided, more specifically, the end is near for me as the co-editor of both Friars On Base, and Yanks Go Yard. Other priorities in my life have come to the forefront, and require more of my time, meaning, my hobby, my creative outlet, is the thing that is going to go away, that being serving as an editor and writer for sites covering my two favorite baseball teams. With that said, I’m going to spend the next nine days or so, getting it all out of my system. Once it’s done, I’m done. No regrets, nothing left in the basement as Rocky Balboa once said. You’ll be seeing a little more uptick in my work, since this is my spring training, my regular season, and my World Series.

As the San Diego Padres open spring training in Arizona, the rumor on the front burner, is of course, whether the team can pull off yet another deal, this time for Philadelphia Phillies’ ace Cole Hamels. We here at FOB have reported on the latest news and rumors incessantly. That’s out job. To keep you, our loyal readers, informed of everything Padres-related, and most recently, Padres-Hamels related. But at what point do the rumors, the non-stop reports of a pending deal, names being exchanged, this player could be in a deal, and this player is untouchable, become a bigger distraction than the talent coming back to America’s Finest City is really worth? I’m here to tell you, if a deal isn’t done in the next 10 days or so, it’s time to move on, and call it a good effort.

Why? Because at some point, when talk of trades permeate through a clubhouse–even if it’s a spring training clubhouse where there are more than 40 guys attempting to jockey for only a handful of spots, it becomes a distraction. How is someone like Andrew Cashner supposed to work on staying healthy, and focusing on being the pseudo-ace of the Padres’ rotation, when he hears nothing but questions from the media day in and day out about whether he’d like to pitch in Philly? What about Wil Myers? Although reports have quieted on that front, how hard is it to get comfortable with your new club, getting to know your new teammates, when there is an outside possibility you never see Opening Day with this group, because you might just be a piece of bait to hook a bigger fish?

At some point, A.J. Preller and the boys are going to have to be content with the revamped roster they’ve built in San Diego over the winter. Yes, they need a lead-off man, yes, they need an upgrade at shortstop, and yes, Yonder Alonso is not the answer at first base. You find me a big league team, and I’ll go down the list of flaws that team has. Everyone is flawed. The difference between a dead last place team, and a team that wins consistently, is how well the manager and the GM can close the gaps between their flaws and their talent. Like it or not, if the Padres run Alexi Amarista out to shortstop 140 times this season, that flaw will rear it’s ugly head when the team can ill-afford for it to happen, most likely in a season-changing series down the road. What’s the old saying? The ball will always find the weak link in the defense. It never fails. 

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But back to Hamels for a moment. Personally, I’ve viewed Hamels as somewhat of a crybaby, ever since the 2009 World Series, where he damn near talked his way out of Philly for not taking accountability for his own poor performances, and instead was busy flapping his gums and blaming everyone else around him. I know he’s got a World Series ring, but make no mistake, Cole Hamels is no leader. With his recent comments to Bob Nightengale about wanting to win, and win now, and he knows that can’t be done in Philly, well, here’s my answer to that: he knew EXACTLY what he was getting himself into when he signed his extension. The Phillies had already seen the peak of their run, and could go nowhere but down. You want the big money and long term security? Well Cole, you got it. Now you’re going to live with the results of your decision until YOUR employers deem that an offer is good enough to part ways with you. And whether that’s with San Diego or someone else, I’m to the point, I simply don’t care. Just shut up already. The Padres are built to compete now, with or without Cole Hamels. Since a deal appears unable to get done, it’s time to move on with the group you have.

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