Padres Rumors: Team was Aggressive in Pursuing Cole Hamels


Before the deal for James Shields went down it was rumored that the Padres were very aggressive in pursuing Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels, now that Shields is signed will the team continue to pursue Hamels?

I wouldn’t put it past A.J. Preller to acquire Hamels as well, because A.J. Preller has proven he is a bulldog when it comes to going after players he wants, and hasn’t missed out on too many players he has looked at so far.

According to the article by Jeff Todd of MLB Trade Rumors, Ken Rosenthal reported that the Padres were in pursuit of both arms, and like one of my editors Billy Brost said in an interview i did with him on my radio show, he thinks the Padres will land Cole Hamels before the start of the season. I have to agree, with how aggressive the Padres General Manager has been, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Cole Hamels was a Padre before the start of the 2015 season.

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Although with all of that said, it is believed that the Phillies don’t think the Padres will have enough sufficient talent in their system to get Hamels. It is also reportedly not clear whether the Padres have enough continued interest in Cole Hamels to actively pursue him.

The Phillies are said to prefer to make a deal with the Boston Red Sox,however at this point the Red Sox have yet to make a move for Cole Hamels. I still wouldn’t put it past A.J. Preller to jump into the fray at the last minute with an offer the Phillies just can’t resist. How will this situation work out? We’ll find out together.

However it works out will most likely be determined in the coming weeks so keep it locked with us right here at Friars On Base as we bring you the latest with this situation!

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