Ally Sturm to join Fox Sports San Diego Broadcast Team


On Friday Fox Sports San Diego announced the newest addition to the Fox Sports San Diego Broadcast team, Ally Sturm.  She will be joining the team as the new host of Padres P.O.V. and she will also take over some of the sideline reporting as well for Padres Broadcasts.

She will take over for Kate Osborne who hosted the show last year, and apparently left Fox Sports San Diego, because we haven’t heard or seen her on FSSD programming since. It seems to be a trend a Fox Sports San Diego, that the host of Padres P.O.V. usually only lasts a year, and then ends up leaving, which i have to admit is sad, because us as fans can’t get used to the host of the show for too long because they just end up leaving after a year.

First it was Megan Olivi, then Laura Mckeeman, then Kate Osborne, all of who left after a year or less with the team,and now we have Ally Sturm! I hope she ends up staying with the company for a little longer than one season of Padres Baseball!

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Before coming to join the broadcast team at Fox Sports San Diego,  Strum has recently worked for the Colorado Rockies broadcast network ROOT Sports as a Media Host and Digital Reporter, while working there she was also a in game host for the Denver Broncos and also hosted several shows for the Colorado MLS team the Colorado Rapids. She graduated from Pepperdine University with her degree in Broadcast Journalism, so i think she knows what she is talking about.

I think she will be a great addition to the broadcast team at Fox Sports San Diego, and she will be joining the rest of the broadcast team that consists of Dick Enberg, Mark Grant, Mark Sweeney, Mike Pomeranz, and Kris Budden, who are all returning for the 2015 season. They were apart of the broadcast team last year for Fox Sports San Diego.

If you are like me, you can’t wait for baseball season to start, and i can’t wait to start watching Fox Sports San Diego, and the Padres broadcasts, which start on March 8th when FSSD broadcasts the first of 10 Spring Training games on  T.V.

All of us here at Friars On Base would like to welcome Ally Sturm to San Diego!

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