Padres Truck left for Spring Training Friday


It doesn’t get any better than when the team’s gear gets loaded up on the truck and hauled out to Peoria, Arizona, it means the official start of Baseball season is right around the corner.

The truck left Petco Park for the Padres Spring Training Facility in Peoria, Arizona at 8 AM on Friday morning. For me as a life long Padres fan I always look forward to when this day comes, because it means that the team is less than a week away from reporting to Spring Training, and do you know what my favorite time of year is? Spring Time.

It means the start of a new baseball season, and for me the smell of the grass, and hearing the crack of the bat in springtime, is music to my ears, and just relaxes me. Do you want to know just how much is on the truck? Lets go over those numbers shall we.

There will be 24 Pallets on the truck, and more than 1200 boxes, More Specifically in those boxes will be 116 sunflower seeds, 2,376 Baseballs, 18 boxes of Home and Away Spring Training Jerseys, 24 Boxes of Bubble Gum, 19 boxes of baseball caps and finally 15 boxes of Shower Shoes.

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Remember to mark your calendars for the 19th of February, which is this coming Thursday, as the Padres Pitchers and Catchers will be reporting to the Peoria Sports Complex six days before the rest of the team, who reports on Wednesday February 25th. That’s less than a week Friar Faithful! Are you as excited as i am?

Excited isn’t even the right word to use, I am ecstatic for the new season to start. With all of the huge moves the Padres have made, i’d be shocked if the whole city wasn’t stoked for the team to report to Spring Training.

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