Padres Tickets Flying off the Shelves!


Were you planning on catching a San Diego Padres game this year? Well I hope you got your tickets already because as Jeff Sanders of U-T San Diego writes tickets this year are moving fast.

It seems that Padres ownership made the right decision hiring A.J. “Rockstar” Preller. With the influx of talent that Preller has provided over the off-season it seems everyone in San Diego no… California … no America… no the world, has caught Padres fever. And it seems that the only cure is more tickets.  Jeff Sanders writes in his article home game ticket sales on the secondary market are 63% better this year than they were at this time last year (according to StubHub’s figures).

Sanders goes on to say that the Padres are ranked fourth in ticket sales increase only trailing the Marlins (147 percent), Mariners (119%) and Royals (110 percent).  This has to be fantastic news to Mike Dee and Padres ownership as their faith in Preller has so far proved to be well placed.

But that’s not all, Sanders also notes that Padres page views are five times what they were in January, with the views peaking on February sixth when individual tickets went on sale. Even the April ninth home-opener against the Giants is already sold out.

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There is a bit of bad news for fans hoping to attend games now that the Padres are spending more money. It seems since ownership opened their wallets, the fans will be required to open their wallets as well, with prices on for the home-opener ranging from $54 to $2,929. In Sanders article he also writes that the average price of regular season games is up from $47 dollars in 2014 to $74 dollars this year. Although in a town desperate for a championship, it seems like a small price to pay for a shot at a World Series.

As Padres fans we should be excited, the Padres have never been more poised to win. They have a much improved offense, a stellar pitching staff, they just spent a lot of money to bring in James Shields and they have the greatest GM in the game since Branch Rickey (okay it might be a little soon to say that but I’m excited). So Padres Nation let’s buy more tickets and show the team we approve. I challenge each and every one of you to do your part in setting an attendance record at Petco in 2015.

Let’s do this!

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