Padres Editorial: It’s Never Been More Exciting To Be A Fan Of Southern California Baseball


This off-season has easily been one of the best off-seasons not only in San Diego Padres history, but in California history. What does that add up to? Hopefully some of the most exciting baseball between the California teams in 2015. Yes, I mean EVERY team, and that finally includes my hometown San Diego Padres. With the Padres making this off-season the biggest I have ever seen as a Padre fan, in my almost 20 years of watching the team play, since the Dodgers, Angels and Giants are almost always relevant every year. The Padres have easily had the biggest off-season of any California club. 

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According to the article by Lyle Spencer of, each California team will be opening their season against teams that they have a lot of history against. The Padres and Dodgers open the season up in Los Angeles on Monday, April 6th, then the Swinging Friars will be heading home to face the San Francisco Giants and the Angels go up against the Seattle Mariners to start off their season in Seattle. To say the least, these match ups between the California teams and their rivals out of state will be something to watch, as all of them try and out do the others. 

Will the Padres be the new team to beat in California? I don’t know, but I can tell you I think they will be up there, if not at the top of the teams in California who will be competing for the playoffs this year. I look at all the moves the Padres have made, and I think it can only make them better, while all of the other teams in California have not only not made a lot of moves this off-season, but haven’t gotten too much better. How this year will turn out is still to be determined, however one thing is known, all of the California teams will be relevant this year!

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