Padres News: Justin Upton’s Bats Haven’t Shown Up Yet (Literally)


We still don’t know yet if Justin Upton will conquer the rancor that is Petco Park just yet on a consistent basis. What we do know is that his bats have not shown up yet, literally!

Per HardBallTalk of NBC Sports, looks like they’ve shown up with Upton’s old team in Atlanta. On top of that, they were labeled with the wrong team, not the Braves but his previous squad, the Arizona D-Backs.

Well, this will be awkward, not having the right bats for Upton with spring training in our sights. Now we don’t know if there were other bats sent to San Diego for Upton, but I’m sure this will be corrected quickly. Hopefully those Nick Hundley bats have left the San Diego clubhouse and are on their way to Colorado, but we’re running out of time here.

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