Padres Editorial: Why James Shields Makes The Padres Legit Now


The San Diego Padres just got even better, if that’s possible! We got the news out a few days ago that the Padres signed one of the biggest free agent pitchers on the market, Big Game James Shields. The question on everyone’s mind is, does this make the Padres legitimate? In my mind it does, but let’s look into what the Padres can do with the addition of James Shields. With the additions of Matt Kemp, Wil Myers, and Justin Upton along with the strong pitching staff the Padres have, the team could make the playoffs with a strong year, along with no injuries to key players on the team. 

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James Shields’ contract with the Padres is the highest contract the team has given out to anyone, coming in at four years and worth $75 million dollars with an option for a fifth year. According to Jeff Sanders of UT- San Diego, James Shields has turned out a 3.60 ERA in the American League over the last four seasons, which is a sub-par number for him. 

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He has also struck out 180 batters or more in six of his last eight seasons, not to mention the fact that he has won 11 games while fronting rotations for small market clubs, and he has pitched a mind-boggling 223 innings over that span.  Will there be issues down the road when James Shields gets a little older? There might be, but the fact of the matter is adding him for 2015 is a great move for the Padres, and just adds to their chances of making the playoffs in 2015. However, with A.J. Preller behind the wheel of this team, I wouldn’t count out the Padres adding Phillies Pitcher Cole Hamels to the mix either, because if one thing is for sure, nobody’s off limits while A.J. Preller is running the show.

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