Padres Editorial: In Defense of Cameron Maybin, Will Venable, Abraham Almonte and a Poll

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Wil Myers is on paper as the San Diego Padres‘ starting center fielder.  In reality, he simply does not have the range to play center field all nine innings, especially in close games.  So who will come in late in the games?  Who will be his overall backup? 

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Jeremy Loeks

With all of the upgrades to the Padres’ outfield during the off-season, Bud Black has plenty of options for the team’s fourth outfielder. Here at Friars on Base, we believe the three options for the positions are Cameron Maybin, Will Venable, and Abraham Almonte. So I and a couple of the other staff writers – Keegan Tatum and Andrew Beccarelli – each decided to take one of the aforementioned outfielders and give our pitch for why they should be the fourth outfielder come April.  So you as the reader can decide who should be the fourth outfielder for the Padres in 2015.

Andrew Beccarelli:

The Padres have remade their outfield lineup with the acquisitions of Matt Kemp, Wil Myers, and Justin Upton. This makes all previous outfielders on the Pad Squad expendable trade bait or dead weight that should be cut loose. There is however one outfielder currently on the roster that we should hold on to because we will need him for those late inning defensive Web-Gems.

Keegan Tatum:

Out of the 25-man roster, 12 will be pitchers.  There are likely to be two catchers, seven infielders, and the three definite outfielders in Matt KempJustin Upton, and Wil Myers.  That leaves just one spot. Here are our arguments for who should take that spot.