Padres Rumors: What teams could want Carlos Quentin?

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The Texas Rangers

Another sleeper team in the potential Carlos Quentin sweepstakes is the Texas Rangers. With AJ Preller already familiar with their respected farm system, a deal could be consummated fairly quickly for a prospect or two.

Mitch Moreland the teams current Designated Hitter is coming off an injury to his left ankle. He was limited to only 167 at bats last season. Moreland is also left-handed making the right-handed hitting Quentin tempting to add to their lineup.

In fact the Rangers are very left-handed heavy in their lineup. ShinSoo Choo, Prince Fielder, Leonys Martin, Rougned Odor,  Moreland and Nate Schierholtz. A power hitting right hander, just might be perfect for them.

Now if we want to get crazy we can talk about Jurickson Profar. I know for a fact AJ Preller is salivating at the thought of adding this once promising young talent. Injuries have derailed his career if that is possible at the age of 22. Profar is the perfect fit for the Padres, a young contract controlled player that can bat leadoff and steal bases. Oh, did I mention? He’s a shortstop. A pretty decent one at that.

Quentin by himself would not even come close to being enough for Jurickson Profar. After missing the entire 2014 season with a torn shoulder muscle the Padres are surely to be cautious as well with Profar. Once Spring games start and both Quentin and Profar face live pitching, things should heat up for both teams.

To me its hard to imagine AJ Preller not making a deal with the Texas Rangers at some point this off season. He knows that farm system too well. Eventually he will attempt to plunder some talent from them.

All of this article had a common theme. Carlos Quentin’s health. If he can prove he is healthy then the Padres should have no trouble moving him. If he goes down in Spring, then that potential $8-million dollar loss could be huge. I know San Diego Padres ownership has shown a lot of generosity, but Padres payroll couldn’t exceed 120-million? could it?

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