Padres Editorial: Ranking the Off-Season Moves Part I

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New Padres’ GM A.J. Preller. Mandatory

This San Diego Padres off-season has been full of excitement. The additions made to the team have pumped energy into the city of San Diego. From San Ysidro to Ocenside, Padres pride hasn’t been this evident for 10-plus years. The team has shown its willingness to put a competitive major league team out there for us in 2015. That alone brings the city together and helps even the novice of fans support the team.

AJ Preller has sure made his presence is known to the Padre fans. Let’s take a closer look at his additions and rank them #1-10 in order of importance or significance to the team. It is difficult to know exactly when a good trade is made by a team. Often it takes years and years before you can get an accurate gauge on who really won a particular trade. 

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With that being said, these rankings offer one writer’s opinion on each off season move. I am usually not one to do predictions, as there are far too many variables in a full major league season to accurately predict numbers. I will, however rank each addition based upon what the Padres gave up to get said player, and whether or not that particular player fits the need of the organization.

Without any doubt, A.J. Preller has made moves to improve this team. Now let’s take a close look at each addition and break down how exactly it helped this franchise out. Part One will run today, the second part of this piece, will be available in a few days. Thank you.