Padres News: Padres Bring Back The Brown


Sometimes you need to bring back the old stuff. For the Padres, many have wanted to see the old brown pinstripe jerseys come back. With good reason too. They are pretty awesome. Well, for five games this season, the fans get what they want.

The Padres released some of their promotions for during the season, and one of them is called Way Back Wednesday, where the Padres will wear the old brown jerseys for five Wednesday day games. Those dates are April 29, July 1, July 22, Aug. 12 and Aug. 19. 

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Saturdays will continue to be “Baseball night in San Diego” and Sundays will continue to be family days as well as honoring our military.

If you’re into some adult beverages, the Padres will have two beerfest, two cocktailfest and one winefest night. If you buy a ticket, you can go to the festivities prior to the game.

The Padres will also have six Friday nights honoring our first responders as well. All promotions can be found right here.

The Padres continue to offer their fans fun and creative promotions. It’s all about getting the most that you can with your hard earned money. The Padres know that, and they are offering their fans a lot, not just with the game, but with fun promotions, and hopefully a better product on the field this year.

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