Padres Editorial: Friars On Base Ranks Their Favorite Baseball Movies Part I

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Ryan Pedersen discusses  #11 Honorable Mention-Little Big League:

No matter what time this movie is on, which most of the time it’s on MLB Network, I always watch this all-time baseball classic, 1994’s Little Big League staring some actual MLB players from the 1990’s.

The film is about a young boy, Billy Haywood, who’s grandfather owns the Minnesota Twins and who suddenly passes away and hands over the baseball operations to his grandson, Billy. Billy decides to fire their un-popular manager and declares himself manager of the Minnesota Twins. Players first off hate the move, but over time they learn to play just like little leaguers and have fun.

The team winds up going on a run during the season after a terrible start, but eventually run into Randy Johnson, Ken Griffey Jr. and the Seattle Mariners in a one-game playoff and lose on an over-the-fence catch by Ken Griffey Jr.

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This movie includes cameos from great ninties players like Rafael Palmeiro, Wally Joyner, Lou Piniella, Mickey Tettleton, Ivan Rodriguez, Sandy Alomar Jr, Eric Anthony, Carlos Baerga, Alex Fernandez, Dave Magadan, Tim Raines, Dean Palmer, Lenny Webster, Paul O’Neill and ESPN personality Chris Berman.

A huge star-studded cast that includes actual MLB players is what set me to love this movie so much as a kid and still love watching it today. “Little Big League” brings back a nostalgic time to when I didn’t know the game that well but was so star-struck by the likes of seeing intimidating pitcher Randy Johnson and all-star Ken Griffey Jr. Just too bad they didn’t include Tony Gwynn, who was my favorite player growing up.