MLB Network’s “The Odd Couple”


For years in San Diego, Bruce Bochy and Tim Flannery ran the San Diego Padres as manager and third base coach. Bochy was the skip and ‘Flan’ as third base coach. They are the best of friends off the field but were not so friendly to each other when it came down to baseball business.

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MLB Network recently debuted their versions of ESPN’s “30 for 30” with their own produced documentary. This episode is all about Bochy and Flan’s relationship in baseball as MLB’s version of “The Odd Couple.” Although it might make Padres fans cringe seeing them in orange and black in San Francisco, this episode brought back some great memories of them donning the Padre uniforms over the years as players and coaches. Even better, former Channel 4 Padres host, now MLB Network anchor Matt Vasgersian narrates this episode.

The best memories for them have come from winning three World Series titles in San Francisco of course, and credit Boch and Flan for putting together quite a dynasty up in the Bay. Watching this made me not only jealous of the Giants but appreciate how special those two were to the San Diego Padres organization. After all, Tim Flannery, who was known for being a utility hitter in his stint as a pro got his own “Tim Flannery” night at-then Jack Murphy Stadium in the late 1980’s shortly after he retired from playing. Not too many utility players get a night dedicated to them, so he meant a great deal to the Padres organization as did Bruce Bochy, who will no doubt be heading to Cooperstown as soon as he retires from managing.

I’d highly recommend checking your local MLB Network listings and DVR this episode as every baseball fan and Padres fan will love watching this. Plus the best thing about DVR for Padres fans, you can skip all the Giants stuff.