Padres World Series Odds: Where Are They?


World Series odds are fun. It’s fun to see where your team stacks up and if you’re so inclined make a bet to try and make some cash later. With all the moves the Padres have made, what are their odds? Where do they stack up?

Well, according to Bovada, they are at 25-1. The same odds as the New York Yankees and the defending AL Champion Kansas City Royals. They are ahead of two teams who made the playoffs last year in the Pittsburgh Pirates (33-1) and Oakland Athletics (40-1). The Washington Nationals are the current favorites at 6-1. 

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According to Fangraphs, both the Pirates and A’s are projected to have better records than the Padres at this point. The Royals and Yankees are projected to win 81 and 82 games respectively, while the Padres are checking in at 79 wins.

Look, Fangraphs projections aren’t the end all be all, however, it gives you a good idea of where your team stacks up and it’s interesting how the Padres odds are right with or higher than teams that project to do better than them.

Odds are supposed to be fun and give you something to look at as we inch closer to Spring Training and then the real thing beginning.  Only 76 days to go.