Did Bud Selig Plaza Help Padres Get All-Star Game?


The big news just continues for the Padres, by now most everybody knows that the home of the Padres, Petco Park will be hosting the 2016 All-Star Game. The Padres deserve this All-Star Game anyways, since they haven’t hosted one since 1992. However, there are some people who believe that the Padres only got this All-Star game because they named their plaza at beautiful Petco Park after the former Commissioner of Major League Baseball, Bud Selig. I am not one of those people, the City of San Diego and the Padres according to the MLB made the strongest bid to host the game, so naturally the team with the strongest bid got the game.

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When the Padres unveiled the new name of their plaza at Petco Park the Bud Selig Hall of Fame Plaza, the announcement of the name of the plaza was met with “vitriol to vomit” according to Matt Calkins of the UT-San Diego. I don’t believe this is the reason at all, but for those of you that do, hear me out.

The Padres have been working on trying to get the All-Star Game in San Diego for a few years now, and like I said earlier, they put in the strongest bid, so I think they earned it. Thank goodness they did get it, because it will be great for the City of San Diego, the fans, and team as well. I mean think about how much revenue the city will get. The All-Star Game is coming to San Diego, and I think everyone in the city is excited, myself included, despite the people who say the Padres only got it because of the new name of their Plaza.

Argument #2: the runner-up for the game-the Miami Marlins, are most likely going to get the All-Star Game in 2017, and what did they rename for Commissioner Selig? Nothing that I’m aware of, so perhaps the connecting thread of the plaza bearing the outgoing Commissioner’s name, and the Padres being award the game for next season, is nothing more than coincidence. If the Padres turn it around this season, and compete for an NL West title, will that be because the plaza was renamed too?