Padres Fan Fest Announced!


We have all been waiting and wondering when Padres fan fest will be, since it usually is in February and nothing had been announced until now! The Padres have announced that Padres Fan Fest will be held the Saturday before opening day April 4th. All of the details have yet to be announced, but there is one thing that the Padres have announced which is that there will be an exhibition game between our San Diego Padres and the Mexico City Red Devils. Doesn’t that sound awesome Friar Faithful? It does to me.

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I didn’t even mention the best part, it’s FREE, so why not take in a ball game at Petco Park for free and get to meet some really cool people along the way, because if this year is somewhat similar to last year, there might be an opportunity to meet players, and Fox Sports San Diego will have a booth with all of their on-air talent making appearances. I believe Fox Sports San Diego will most likely have a booth set up, but make sure to stay tuned to us here at Friars On Base as we will keep you updated as all of the details of Padres Fan Fest are announced, remember to mark your calendars for Padres Fan Fest, April 4th!