Brown or Blue?


Brown or blue?  We are at it again. With so many changes from the players on the field to the attitude of the front office, is it time to change the uniforms?  This week, visual effects artist and Padre fan John Brubaker posted his idea for what a modern set of Padre uniforms could be but in the original brown and mustard color scheme.

First off, the uniforms are great.  So thank you Mr. Brubaker for designing them.

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The Friars have two directions they can go with the uniforms.  They can continue with the blue-oriented color scheme that better represents the city; or they could represent the team name and go back to brown and mustard.

In Defense of the Current Uniforms

Can we all say that the current uniforms are better than the atrocious sand ones?  I’ve read and heard the road jerseys getting a lot of flack.  They are probably my favorites out of the group.  A road uniform should be boring and basic.  If a team goes too far away from the classic look of what a baseball uniform is, what you wind up with are the horrendous garb Miami Marlins players have to wear.  I will take boring everyday.  The Padres’ road jerseys remind me of the Yankees’ road uniforms in that they are simple and tell the audience where the team is from.

Apparently the camouflage uniforms are hated at least outside of San Diego.  “Baseball shouldn’t be political.”  “They’re ugly.”  I have zero problem with sports being political.  I do not agree with why the wars the U.S. is fighting are being waged.  I think it’s a crime against humanity that soldiers are being sent to die so that Halliburton stocks continue to rise.  However!  The people that serve should be honored for the sacrifice they make and the good intensions they have.  If the Padres want to thank them, then by all means they should do so.

The home whites and the alternate blue are nothing special.  The alternate harkens back to the mid- and late-80’s design.  They certainly are far from the bottom in baseball, and they are by no means offensive.

In Favor of the Brown and Mustard

Frankly, the early Padre uniforms were some of the ugliest in baseball history.  They weren’t the 70’s and 80’s Astro uniforms, but they were up there.  When I first heard about the movement to get the Pads to change back, I thought people were crazy.  Why would anyone want to go back to that off-putting brown and mustard?  I suppose over time I’ve grown to love the ugliness.  Putting the players back in the early color combination would add some character to Petco Park.  As terrible and cringe worthy as the Arizona uniforms are (sorry Diamondback fans, but I really don’t like how the full team name is not on the jersey), a set of brown and mustard could make the Padres’ uniforms the ugliest in baseball.  And I don’t see that as being bad.  There is a certain charm to the uniforms that [insert artist name here] makes the brown beautifully hideous.  Putting those brown uniforms on the 2015 squad would make them pretty lovable.  The brown was a quality uniquely Padres in baseball.  Perhaps they should take that back.

John Brubaker’s home uniform comes with one of my favorite baseball uniform tropes – pinstripes.  The pinstripe uniforms of the late 90’s were great!  It would be great to get the Padres back in them.

What do you think?  Should the Padres change back to the brown and gold or continue on with the blue?  Leave a comment below.