Padres Chat Summary


On the most recent Padres’ Chat with Jeff Sanders, he was asked questions regarding the recent moves that the Padres have made. He was asked several questions during the chat. Let’s look into some of the questions he was asked. 

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One of the most important questions to be asked in my opinion was: “If the Padres need to get another top of the line starting pitcher?” Jeff Sanders replied saying this: ” While the Padres feel good about their rotation, you’re right to point out that the Padres rotation isn’t playoff tested.”

Another question that I found was a hot topic that was asked about is Will Venable being traded, the question asked was this: ” Do you see a trade for Dan Haren happening between the Marlins and Padres? Venable for Haren seems like a good match.” Sanders’ answer was: ” Venable is actually a good bet to stick as he can back up all three outfield positions and is a left-handed bat that the team desperately needs.”

Along with those, there were several more questions asked and answered on the latest Padres chat with Jeff Sanders, Like if there is pressure being put on Wil Myers, Who could lead off for the Padres? And much more.