With Recent Success, Cory Spangenberg Is On Padres Radar


Cory SpangenbergDo you know who he is? I certainly do. I remember one of his first at-bats as a Padre. Do you remember what happened? He hit a walk-off home run! I’ll tell you right now that he caught my attention right off the bat with that bomb, and, he also caught the eye of some of the most important people, the San Diego Padres’ front office. You want to know what else? He is versatile, which is something the Padres love a player to have. As the team’s first round draft pick in 2011, and is the team’s #14 prospect in the organization. 

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When Spangenberg was called up at the end of last season, he hit with a line .290/.313/.452 in 65 plate appearances, while playing in 20 games. So will Cory be with the 2015 Padres? It’s difficult to say, but with his potential and versatility, I could definitely see him being on the Padres’ roster at some time during the 2015 season, especially with potential injuries that could happen.

However, the Padres also have Clint Barmes, Alexi Amarista, and Yangervis Solarte for the infield, as well so it will depend on the situation to see if the Padres will need Cory Spangenberg on the big league roster, but more than likely he should be.