Holidays Become Extra Special for Gyorko Family


For Jedd Gyorko and his wife, this holiday will be extra special because their two new born kids will be experiencing their first Christmas in the Gyorko family home in West Virginia. Jedd’ Gyorko’s two baby boys were born on April 28th, so just after the beginning of the season, which made it hard for Jedd to spend time at home and catch up with his two kids. So guess what he is doing this holiday season? Spending time at home with his family, and catching up, which makes this Christmas an extra special one for the Padres second baseman and his family.

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Even though their two kids are two little to understand or even enjoy Christmas as new parents, like any parents, it won’t stop Jedd and his wife from spoiling their two new additions to their family! With the Christmas holiday and New Years right around the corner, all of us here at Friars On Base want to wish the Gyorko family and all of our readers the happiest of holidays and a very happy New Year! Thank You for reading and supporting our work we have had one of the best months in our site’s history because of all of YOU! THANK YOU!