What Part Of The Matt Kemp Trade Shows About The Padres Plan


We all know that the Padres are getting $32 million to cover the $107 million left in Matt Kemp‘s contract. What’s interesting is that the Padres are set to receive a huge chunk of that in 2015. Here’s part of the Boston Herald’s report. 

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"The Los Angeles Dodgers owe the Padres $18 million next year as part of the $32 million they agreed to pay in last week’s trade that sent outfielder Matt Kemp to San Diego.Los Angeles will give San Diego six $3 million installments in 2015, payable on the first of each month during regular season, according to information obtained by The Associated Press.The Dodgers owe $3.5 million annually in each of the following four seasons, $600,000 on the first of each month from April through August and $500,000 on Sept. 1.Kemp is due $107 million in the remaining five seasons of the $160 million, eight-year deal he signed with the Dodgers before the 2012 season: $21 million next year and $21.5 million in each of the final four seasons.Because of the cash involved, the Padres in effect pay Kemp $75 million: $3 million in 2015 and $18 million in each remaining year."

What does that mean? The Pads may have a lot more payroll flexibility to make more moves. If they can get rid of Carlos Quentin‘s salary and even Cameron Maybin‘s as well, it can help even more. Maybe the fact that they saved so much this year enabled them to get Justin Upton?

As 2015 approaches, it means we may see even more activity from A.J. Preller. Maybe it means trying to get Cole Hamels to come home. Maybe it’s a play for another pitcher.  Maybe a big bat at first like Chris Davis.

We all knew about the flexibility for the payroll. It looks like it actually increased a little.