Padres Favorite Moment(s)


For my favorite Friars On Base Padres moments it’s hard to just name one, so I’m going with a couple.

First I want to jump back to the 1998 season. Padres were down in the 9th to the newly established Arizona Diamondbacks and their hideous teal and purple uni’s. Steve Finley came up to the plate with the bases loaded and hits a grand slam at the ‘Q’ that night to establish one of the fun times to be a Padres fan. That season as a fifth grader I’ll never forget.

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A more recent memory came in high school when Petco Park was brand new and the Padres were finally competitive after closing out some pretty lame Qualcomm years to close out the Q. My friend Lloyd had season tickets through his dad near 1st base line. That night, the D-Backs and Padres were close in a division race. That night it was David Wells versus Randy Johnson. The game was a great pitching duel but what topped it off was I caught my first foul ball. Okay, I didn’t catch it exactly, but it happen to roll off the seat behind me and the guy behind me wasn’t quick enough, so I got it fair and square! It’s one of those moments you least expected and something off your baseball fandom list that was scratched off.