Padres All-Star Game Host Update


A huge week in Padres history might continue well into January. It’s been a back and forth battle between reports and rumors that the All-Star Game would be coming to San Diego in either 2016 or 2017. According to Scott Miller of, it can be expected that that Petco Park will host the 2016 All-Star Game. So yet again, sooner than expected, but who knows. The official announcement will be set January 2015.

Whether it’s 2016 or 2017, The Padres will have an All-Star Game either way, we just can’t tell which year it will be. If 2016 were rewarded to San Diego next month, it would be yet another crown to easily the biggest two months ever in Padres news history!

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Cincinnati will be the host to the midsummer classic this year and it has been rumored that Baltimore will host the 2016 ASG, since American League and National League ballparks rotate turns as hosts. Sounds like the outgoing commish Bug Selig is throwing that tradition out the window and living up to his end of the plaza court naming deal at Petco Park.

Stay Tuned!