Seth Smith Needs to Play 1B


A.J. Preller has announced his presence with authority.  Now, I haven’t checked in the past 10 minutes to see if he’s made another trade, but thus far he has added, most notably, Matt Kemp, Wil Myers, Justin Upton and Derek Norris.  With three new outfielders on the roster the Padres now have an outfield surplus.  Seth Smith is now a fourth outfielder.  But considering his level of production last year, he needs to be in the lineup.  So how about 1B?

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I think I am one of the few people who defends Yonder Alonso.  However, Tommy Medica has proven to be a better option.  But Medica is very streaky.  Neither match the stats of  Smith.

2014 Slashlines (Games Played)

Alonso .240/.285/.397/.682 (84)

Medica .233/.286/.408/.694 (102)

Smith .266/.367/.440/.807 (136)

Seth Smith has never played a major or minor league game at 1B.  I think I remember him playing there during spring training, but that’s it.  As possible as it is for Smith to be traded:

— Jerry Crasnick (@jcrasnick) December 18, 2014

If he can play 1B, he must play 1B.  Note that  Norris (C), Jedd Gyorko (2B), Will Middlebrooks (3B),  Kemp (OF),  Myers (OF), and  Upton (OF) are all right-handed.  In fact, most of those players have pretty noticeable platoon splits.  Smith needs to offset that.  And when the Padres face a left-hander, they have  Medica for 1B.

Seth Smith was the most productive Padre last season.  He signed a two-year extension.  I would like to see him rewarded by not being traded or benched.