City Of San Diego Finds No Problem Hosting All-Star Game


The San Diego City Council found no problem in setting aside a taxpayer cost as they waived the $1.5M fee and agreed in full to host at earliest the 2016 All-Star Game. The $1.5 Million fee was to be set aside for police and firefighter services during the week long events to be held if rewarded.

This is great news considering the huge bonus the Padres and the City of San Diego would get in return from the exposure of Petco Park and the great amenities of San Diego. An estimated $80 Million is projected to be made from hosting a world renowned All-Star Game. Petco Park has hosted a couple of World Baseball Classic series games but never an All-Star Game since it’s debut in 2004.

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2016 still looks like a long shot due to the American League’s turn to host after this upcoming season will be hosted in Cincinnati, a national league city. Look for most likely the Baltimore Orioles to snag the 2016 All-Star Game. The Padres should still be in the running for 2017, as rumored before that it has been narrowed down to just the Padres and Marlins.

One advantage the Marlins have on the Padres is their ballpark is brand spanking new, opening in 2012, despite their owner deceiving the City of Miami into getting one. The Padres sneaky advantage (which really, they didn’t need to do) is they named the Palm Court Plaza at Petco Park after the exiting Commissioner, Bud Selig, after his visit to San Diego this past season. Other wildcards include the Nationals and the Cubs, who are renovating Wrigley Field this winter after the parks 100th anniversary.

The 2016 host announcement is expected to be made January.