Matt Kemp To Take Physical With Padres Today


So, we all know that the Padres have reportedly acquired Matt Kemp and Tim Federowicz from the Dodgers, now here comes the tricky part guys: THEY AREN’T ACTUALLY PADRES  YET!! The deal isn’t official yet, and if the players don’t pass their physicals, they won’t become a part of the respective teams. Now I have to admitIi don’t know why the players and teams waited so long to get the physicals done, but one of the players that the Padres are going to acquire is Matt Kemp who will take his physical with the team on Tuesday.

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As of right now, we do not know if the Padres players that are going to the Dodgers have taken their physicals with the Dodgers yet. We also have not learned if this deal between the Dodgers and Padres has been approved by MLB or not. I don’t see the players having a problem passing their physicals, or MLB approving this deal between the two clubs, but you never know with all of the things that these two teams have to get done by this Thursday, so to say the least I am getting nervous, and I will continue to be until I know this deal is official. Keep checking back with us here at Friars On Base, and when this deal becomes official, we will report it!